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2 years ago

How to buy stocks in Singapore

How to buy stocks in Singapore?

Have you been not used to the Singapore Stock Market, not a clue how to choose stocks in Singapore?

In this article you will learn everything about buying shares in Singapore. This is mainly for novices who've not bought any stocks before and wish to begin Stock Investing or Trading. Hopefully looking at this text, you will have clear picture in what to complete exactly to begin buying shares in Singapore, so let’s begin.

Stock broker in singapore

1.    How to get stocks in Singapore - Select a Stock broking firm

These are a listing of local Stock brokerage firms that you can consider opening a trading account with to start buying shares in Singapore. Most of them provide pretty much exactly the same suit of items and services. For any comprehensive comparison of the different broking firms in Singapore, just click here.

Listed here is a set of Local Stock brokerage firms in Singapore

1) Phillip Securities Online Stock and Share Trading-POEMS

2) Fraser Securities

3) Lim & Tan Securities LIM & TAN Securities

4) CIMB Securities

5) Maybank Kimeng Securities Maybank Kim Eng

6) OCBC Securities iOCBC - Your own personal e-Broker

7) DMG and Partners Securities DMG & Partners Securities

8) UOB Kay Hian UTRADE presented by UOB Kay Hian

9) DBS Vickers DBS Vickers Stock trading online

When it is a time opening a regular trading account, you would have to drop by the broker personally for verification purposes. It’s absolve to open a free account where there are not any maintenance fees for any trading account too.

Remember that should you go down to any brokerage firm and open a trading account with no part of mind to service you, you will almost certainly be placed within dealing team (using a general hotline) whereby it’s just about DIY and you're simply virtually left on your own. So if your family members, relatives or friends have recommended a good stock broker, do engage him/her. Should you still need nobody in your mind, you can consider us. Using a good stock broker that will help you does make a massive difference in the manner you commence your stocks trading and investment journey.

These local stock brokerage firms highlighted above are those that permit contra trading. Essentially, contra trading means you'll be able to choose the stocks without having to pay on their behalf first. You might be given a due date with the idea to pay for your sell or buy off your stocks thereby incurring a gain or perhaps a loss. Click here to know more about contra trading.

2.    How to get stocks in Singapore - Documents needed

After you have chosen a regular broking firm in Singapore, after that you can head down to your preferred firm together with these documents:

3.    Original identity card (for Singaporean/Singapore PR)

4.    Original identity card (for Malaysian) / Passport (for Foreigner) Original power bill as proof of residential address (where applicable)

5.    Passbook of local banks (DBS, OCBC, UOB) - the lender account you desire to use to fund your stocks purchase.

6.    Payslip or proof salary (optional) - if you'd like a greater trading limit from the beginning.


3. Buying stocks in Singapore - Open a CDP Account

CDP means Central Depository (Pte) Ltd. This account is when all your shares bought inside the Singapore stock exchange are kept. You will have record from the movement of shares in and out of this CDP account. At any one time, if you would like to know the stocks which you now have and the exact quantity, you can check your CDP account online.

You are able to go on to SGX building to spread out a CDP account directly. So why do that when you can fit everything in one shot at the broking firm itself, as you have to visit in that area anyway, right? Just fill up the CDP account opening form on the broking firm itself.

If you're opening this account for the very first time, please be aware that you'll definitely need to go down personally for verification purposes as mentioned earlier. To understand in detail regarding your CDP account, click here.


4.    How to buy stocks in Singapore - Open a regular Trading Account

To start buying shares in Singapore, you should open a stock trading account at the broking firm. To spread out a stock trading account, please note that one should be a minimum of 18 years of age, no undis

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